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In the market for almost 10 years, Polyexcel operates in the production of compounds based on olefinic polymers and creates high performance products. Commitment, competitiveness, quality and innovation describe our company and products.


Excellence in compounds

By using modern mixing equipment and innovative technologies, we produce and deliver high quality polymeric compounds at a highly competitive price.

Reference in quality

We believe that any company’s success is directly linked to safety and quality of the products offered. Polyexcel manufactures high quality polymeric compounds that comply with current legislations. In addition, we invest in continuous improvement of our processes, developing new products and focusing on personalized service. Our customers receive training on the product and have a technical and specialized after-sales team to solve any doubts and give all the necessary support.


Meet our products


XLPE is an ethylenic base compound, wet reticulable. Usually referred to as XLPE, PEX or XPE, it is mainly used…


Trata-se de um Polietileno termofixo com adição de elastômeros olefínicos para dar ao cabo uma maior flexibilidade…


HFFR (Halogen Free Fire Retardant) is a compound that came to replace the use of PVC. For environmenta…

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