The field of telecommunications technology is large and has as a main purpose to supply the necessities of those who need to communicate at a distance. It is part of the electrical engineering and includes a complete project, from the implementation to the maintenance and control of communications systems’ networks.

The information is temporarily converted into electrical signals (electrical voltages). This is done so that it is possible to go through the system until it reaches the destination. Then, these signals are again converted into intelligible information by the recipient.

This transportation can be done by metallic wires or fiber optics. The first format carries the information in an analogous way, while the optical fiber makes the transport with a luminous energy.

In addition, telecommunications cables can be internal or external and each one has its specificities. They also rely on a color coding system to combine them with each other.

These telecommunications cables need the correct isolation and Polyexcel polymeric compounds help with this. Our compounds are thermoplastics, flame retardants and halogens free. See which one applies best specifically to your cable. After all, specific properties are required for each situation.

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