Meet Polyexcel: Polyethylene and polymeric compounds

Polyexcel is a 100% national capital company specialized in the manufacture of thermoplastics and reticulable polyolefinic compounds for the wire and cable market. We started our activities in 2011, in the Greater São Paulo.


Our story

Polyexcel was founded in 2010 seeking to produce XLPE compounds for the power cable segment. Initially located in Barueri, Polyexcel is currently based on the industrial complex of Itapevi, next to Brazil’s main highways – a factor that allows us to serve our customers quickly and efficiently.

Today, we have more than one hundred direct and indirect collaborators, among technicians, market development and technical assistance engineers, account managers, product developers and operators.

We have a high-tech industrial park with unique production equipment in the national territory. In addition, we have a complete laboratory, able to conduct a range of tests that guarantee our portfolio’s quality and enable us to develop new product lines.

At present, our products are approved by more than 90% of the national power cable producers, a leading position in this segment. In the last three years, we have expanded and intensified our operations in Latin America, currently selling in nine countries.

HPR 42

Trata-se de um composto de polietileno e elastômero modificado com Vinil Silano, reticulável por via úmida…


Trata-se de um composto de Polietileno de alta densidade, estabilizado a luz UV, na cor cinza, resistente…

MBPE AZ 4/100

Trata-se de masterbatch azul à base de PEBD. É designado para utilização nos compostos…

What's our differential?

We are a company that operates in the domestic market, but uses international technology. This makes our product highly competitive.

We invest in technology and innovation for the continuous improvement of our processes. In addition, we have an aftermarket specialized in providing support to customers, solving any doubts. We also provide training sessions to present the product and have a quick response rate for problem solving.

Security: We take this matter seriously

A company’s success is directly linked to safety and quality concerns of the products offered. And we take this matter very seriously at Polyexcel, after all, we’re dealing with chemical compounds.

We work with polyethylene and manufacture high quality polymeric compounds which meet the subject’s current legislation.


  • To create sustainable solutions for our customers through innovation and constant technological improvement, providing products with high quality standards.


  • We aim to be an innovative company recognized by our suppliers, collaborators and customers as a provider of high value products that add quality, availability and competitive price.


  • Credibility
  • Ethics
  • Integrity
  • Respect for the environment
  • Workplace safety
  • Technology

Our values

Ethics: Ethics defines the way we do our business. Integrity and credibility are non-negotiable values.

Respect: Our focus is to respect the environment by looking for sustainable forms of production, and to respect our suppliers and customers by offering quality products that meet their needs.

Safety: The health and physical integrity of our collaborators is our greatest value. We are constantly looking for a healthy environment without accidents.

Quality Policy

Polyexcel is committed to the continuous improvement of its processes, products and services, aiming to meet the requirements of stakeholders and the satisfaction of its customers through compliance with applicable laws and development of innovative products for the polymeric compounds market.